Assignment Sheet

Online Communities Wiki Project (Spring 14: Murray State University – Traditional Course)

Project Materials (Spring 14: Murray State University – Hybrid Course)

Wiki Checklist

Introduction Guidelines

Research Guidelines

Videos (Required in Online Courses / Optional in Traditional Courses)

Authors, Readers, and Texts (Course Introduction Video)

How To Make A Wiki Profile Page

Intro to HTML

Intro to Wiki Production

Introducing the Final Project

Interpretive Communities Video

Wikis – the following Wikis collect student projects from previous semesters

Imperfectly Beheld (Spring 2012: University of Maryland / Traditional Course)

Pure Serene (Summer 2012: University of Maryland / Online Course )

Ill-Formed Offspring (Summer 2013: University of Maryland / Online Course)

Beings of Sound (Spring 2014: Murray State University / Hybrid Course)


Spring 2015: Murray State University (Hybrid)

Spring 2014: Murray State University (Hybrid)

Summer 2013: University of Maryland (Online)

Summer 2012: University of Maryland (Online)

Spring 2012: University of Maryland (Traditional)




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