Report from Kentucky Protest

(Department email: 2/26/2016 – Updated to including emerging media coverage)

Hi everyone – Jeff Osborne, Riley Hanick, and I represented our department at the protest. I’d like to share a few media reports from the protest. Please share widely:


1) WKET was there to cover the protest, and interviewed many of the students, and included a particularly eloquent and passionate response from Emily Ferguson, one of the key leaders of this event. Here is the link to last night’s episode of “Legislative Update.” Our coverage begins around the 14 minute mark.


2) WKMS also covered us, which you can read here. It highlights one of the more inspiring and affirming moments, in which attorney general Andy Beshear joined the students to voice his support.


3) WUKY, the Lexington NPR affiliate, also covered us. I’m pleased to be quoted in this interview:

4) A thorough article in The State Journal (Frankfort)

5) A report on the Murray State News’ Youtube Channel


6) An article in the Murray State News:

If you go to the Facebook page (which is public and should be accessible without an account), you should be able to see some of the videos and pictures from the event, including pictures with state reps who showed support.

Finally, I’m attaching a picture here of the students (and this isn’t all of them) at the event. What I like about this picture is that if you look over to the right, you see me looking toward them proudly. This was not staged.




I encourage you to take a moment to celebrate the maturity and activism of our students.