Andytown is not a registered trademark; it used to be a town in Florida near a “glorified truck stop.” I stole it for my online identity.

AndyBlack is a former high school teacher (Memphis, TN) and PhD candidate (Maryland) who now serves as an Assistant Professor at Murray State University in Kentucky. He focuses on eighteenth-century literature and rhetoric, and particularly rhetoricians like Hugh Blair, George Campbell, and Joseph Priestley, who are real people and not just something he made up. He has never read Crime and Punishment, but he has read the 1989 NBA Encyclopedia four times. He believes that describing himself in third person doesn’t make himself seem like a pompous jerk. Though not particularly skilled at any one thing, much less many things, he likes to consider himself a “Renaissance Man.” In high school, he wrote a prose poem that included a line he hoped would become a mantra, “I’m the One They’ll Tell You Will Try To Change The World By Self-Reform.” The line is deeply pretentious and nonsensical, yet he still wonders if it is the best thing he has ever written.

Here is my academia page.

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