March for Kentucky

Greetings Kentucky Colleagues!

You may have heard about the student-led protest in Frankfort this Thursday. It will meet at 10 A.M. at Kentucky State University. They have opened up the parking lot at the football stadium for protestors. The march will begin there and will end at the Capitol building. As the article I link below states, “A group of Murray State Students are organizing a march in Frankfort later this month in opposition to Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin’s proposed 9 percent cut to higher education funding.” These students are working on extended information to other institutions, and I’m trying to help them out.

We are expecting a great crowd, and have already attracted a fair amount of media attention. We are excited about being heard and the community of students and faculty who can join us. I’m including a list of links below that have more information about the event. Please do not hesitate to contact me ( if you have any further questions.

The Facebook page for the event with updated information (you do not have to have a Facebook Account to see this information)

An article from our NPR affiliate about Murray State students involved in the protest:

A letter from Kentucky State President Raymond M. Burse

An editorial by MSU faculty member Jeff Osborne in the Paducah Sun

Gofundme page for supporting transportation for involved students

A recent article in the New York Times


Andy Black

Assistant Professor, English and Philosophy

Murray State University


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