Faintly Bouncing Around the Room

I posted this on Facebook so I’m carrying it over here:

On Grantland, Steven Hyden wrote an interesting piece about the value and endurance of Phish. If you asked me in 1996, I would have probably said Phish was my favorite active band besides Weezer, and I’m only kind of embarrassed by that. As I’ve often said, if I were savvy enough to find about Superchunk and their like, my life would be drastically different now. If I knew who Leonard Cohen was in 1993, I might be dead.

But in 1996, I spent 80 dollars on a Phish live import in which they played the Beatles White Album. I don’t know what Phish has done since 1998; I wasn’t even aware that they had broken up and gotten back together. I only saw them live once, and thought it was just okay. I haven’t heard a Phish song since STORY OF A GHOST (which I didn’t like). But there are three Phish albums that I still actively listen to: JUNTA, HOIST, and RIFT (my favorite). And while I fall into the category of having my favorite Phish songs be their most conventionally listenable songs, I think these five songs are good on their own merits:


Also, do remember that if you buy and pretend to like Suicide’s SUICIDE, it makes up for any number of musical crimes. Any time somebody says, “hey don’t you have every Phish album on cassette tape, including two tapes of “A Live One” because it wouldn’t fit on one tape?”. . . just say, “Frankie Teardrop changed my life.”



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